Syria For Dummies

Check out this Washington Post article addressing your questions about the country of Syria, the civil war under the Assad regime, and the rationale behind the debate over whether or not to strike. Most of us are more oblivious than we would like to admit, and this article is quite helpful for being an informed U.S. citizen during these tense times. This is a nonpartisan issue relative to everyone.

This map illustrates the religious demographics of the region and provides a visual aid as to why Syria is so complicated.

Washington Post

Washington Post


The Intro

We’re not so different, you and I. – Dr. Evil

Once upon a time, a dear friend said to me: “No offense, but I would never even consider dating a Republican because I am such a Democrat” – before adding, a few minutes later, “…but I am fiscally conservative.” 

I bit my tongue.

The thing is – I’m the same way. Except I consider myself to be a Republican.

The purpose of this blog is to show that we’re not all that different. Chances are, if you are young and educated, you are considerably open-minded. Centrist Republicans and Democrats are more or less of the same breed and this blog seeks to lessen the prejudices and generalizations attached to each party.